“I” am Impressed!! I will be 66 years old and raced at Daytona and set Land Speed Records so I am not easily impressed! Thank you guys for this! (after manufacturer sent this to him – “You do not need to do anything Vincent as the parts are on the way to you free of charge!”)
Vincent A. Hill – Washington, DC

Just want to say thank you for the lift! Alan had it put together in about 10 minutes and had the back tire off my bike in about 15! This thing is awesome! I can even use it! Thanks!
Misty Manges

A & M Motorcycle Safety Course

The new mounts work perfectly. Thanks for your outstanding customer service (hard to find these days). I will recommend you to anyone interested. I’m very happy with the lift and I will use it often. Thanks again.
Shaun Hebert – Massachusetts

“EazyRizer was my natural choice. I can easily take it wherever I perform. A fantastic bike lift…”
Gary Rothwell – International Stunt Rider – U.K.

When it comes to transporting my prized possession I don’t take any chances! That’s why when it came time to set up my own trailer I looked for products that would make loading and unloading, and moving my 2005 Yamaha R1 as simple and risk free as possible. In the process of searching for good gear I came across One Up Motorcycle Products “Bike Grab” – a device that holds the front or back wheel of your motorcycle so that the whole bike stays upright without restraints. This was ideal for my needs for a few reasons; it allowed me to safely load my bike without any help, combined with a rear “Tyre Down” device it removed the need for excessive front restraint – reducing the stress on my forks & chance of oil seal damage, and the mounting system is so flexible.

I liked One Up’s products so much that I stopped searching for others and bought 2 grabs and 3 base plates to install in my trailer. The great design of the mounting system allows me the flexibility of easily & quickly changing my set-up from two to a single bike trailer in minutes. The base plates also allow you to use your trailer more or less as a normal trailer without the grabs fastened down. My words don’t really do the devices justice, but my pictures might help you to see just how it works and well it holds up my R1 without straps or being held. The grab is a great product, and gives me a lot of confidence that my R1 will be ready to go when I hit the track.
Chris H-S. -Melbourne-Australia

I received the bike stand today. It’s fantastic. It is a great quality, keeps the bike very steady. Thanks again,
Joe Piri – Connecticut

Just letting you know that the Bike Grab Motorcycle Stand arrived today safe and in good order and to say that I am extremely pleased with the purchase would be a massive understatement. I am not normally one for writing letters but on this particular occasion feel compelled. It was my intention, in line with the spirit of the festive season, to purchase this stand as a gift for my brother who has had a number of recent mishaps with his factory fitted bike stand mainly owing to his two small boys playing on and or around his bike.

I already knew from my own experience, internet research and reading of numerous magazine articles on different bike stands that the Grab Stand was said to be good. However I simply had no idea how good. Until you have actually seen one these in person you can not truly appreciate the quality of this stand, without a doubt the design, function and quality of build of the Grab Stand is second to none. Needless to say having now got one any spirit of giving I was feeling in relation to this purchase has long gone out the door and my brother will now be getting something else.
Ron Brine South Australia

Got the goods. Thank you for extremely fast delivery. Package arrived in perfect condition. Works fantastic. Great product.
Anthony Difiore – Florida

Thank you very much for the follow up! What can I say, your services are excellent and I am really really glad to have purchased the Bike Grab from your company! Keep it up man. Warmest Regards
Shamsusah AL-Haj – Kajang Selangor MALAYSIA

Used my new bike grab for the first time on the weekend to transport my bike (Triumph Thruxton) 400K in the trailer. Works as advertised easy to set up and use. Good to get something that works as advertised. Many thanks.
Lindsay Morrison WA

“Dear Sir, received your shipment 2/1/2000. I must congratulate your company on the high level of quality and engineering, stunning. Please advise earliest E.T.A. for a further shipment of 50…”
J.B. – Boston

“Safe, strong and so easy to use. Star quality, I will need more soon…”
R.B. – Auckland – NZ.

“Definitely the world’s best bike lift…”
T.T. – Bergen – Norway.

“You are to be complimented on a beautifully manufactured and packaged product. Six machines have gone out to very satisfied customers…”
T.T. – South Africa.

“The quality and attention to detail is spot on, my closest friends are already hinting to loan it. I’ll be putting a review in our mag’s March issue. Thanks again for making the self servicing of my bike a hell of a lot less back breaking…”
M.H. – Durham – UK.

“I could never have imagined being able to lift my Valkyrie this easy. Fantastic…”
J.S. – Staffordshire – U.K.

“Hi Joe, just to let you know the lift arrived OK. I assembled it in 5 minutes, it was that easy. The build quality is second to none. At first I got the wife to hold the Ducati while I prepared the lift, now I do it alone in just a couple of minutes…”
N.H. – Glasgow – U.K.

“I bought EazyRizer for my husband’s Christmas present, but he left me for another woman a week later – so I took it back off him.
He was back home within a week! I sometimes wonder who he is in love with, me or the lift…”
Name withheld – Wales – U.K.

“Great idea, I just wish I’d thought of it first. So safe and easy to use with my ‘R1’. Many thanks…”
B.S. – Staffordshire – U.K.

“Unbelievable, that’s the ‘Dog’s Bollocks! Give me 10 for the showroom…”
West Coast Motorcycles – U.K.

Quoted as being “the most innovative product of the motorcycle industry…”
International Motorcycle Show

NEC – Birmingham – U.K.